inanimate Alice

by Keira Thomas

I'm Alice and I'm 13 years old

were walking in Vandusion gardens someone following us

This is the plan of the garden were walking in

I turn around but no one is there

we keep walking and we end up at the bistro my parents get me something  

i'm alone at a table

someone taps my foot

I'm startled

I look under the table

a girl is there

"who are you" I say in a mysterious voice

I take out my player Brad there he says listen to her mabye she has a reason

I listen to him I look back" who are you" I say

"I'm hiding from someone"

"I'm Melissa" she says

"Why are you here"


"My Mom and Dad"

"Then do you want to come with me and my Mom and Dad."

"Yes" she says beaming

And now I'm relived I have a new friend I'm happy and relived

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2 years ago

hey how is inanmate Alice going

2 years ago

I don't get it, no offence

2 years ago

than look at your inanmate Alice

2 years ago

Nic is learning about hacking

2 years ago

hi everyone how is there tack going.

2 years ago

Where's the password? 🔑