Sea Otter

Hannah Smith, Mrs.Mallon's 1A endangered project

       Hello, I am a sea otter. My Genus and species name is Enhydra lutris. I am an large marine otter of northern Pacific coasts with very thick, dark brown, fur. My habitat ranges from Alaska to Mexico. My niche is to keep kelp forests health and maintain the kelp forests to not get overpopulated. I think I am very important to this environment.     

        I am endangered, because of  oil spills in the water. The oil gets in my fur which keeps me warm, which is a problem, because I have no blubber and it kills me. Sometimes when I eat, the oil gets on my food or the strong fumes,  poisons me.   Also I am hunted for my beautiful fur.  I also get very  hurt from infectious, diseases, parasites, boat strikes, entanglements, and toxins.  You can help me  by not polluting my home with oil.

                                                                                                    -Sincerely, The sea otter population    

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