“Denise Stinagle named county manager”

April 7, 2014, Wilson County commissioners voted unanimously and decided to hire Denise Stinagle as Wilson County manager. She will begin the job immediately. Her salary will be $135,000 which will save the county $24,000. She became the assistant county manager in 2000. She will continue doing the work as assistant county manager because she does not want to hire someone at this time. Managing the county’s budget is her number one priority. She plans on attending meetings across Wilson county to get others opinions on issues.

I think that hiring Denise Stinagle as county manager was a good idea. She has experience because she worked as assistant county manager. Prior to her becoming county manager she attended meetings across Wilson county which she will continue to do. She is also willing to take a pay cut to save money for the county. This shows that she is willing to take one for the team and that she truly cares about Wilson.

SOURCE- http://www.wilsontimes.com/News/Feature/Story/31055680---Stinagle-unanimous-choice-for-county-manager

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