Capital - Cairo population-87,000,800 Government- republic

koshari (a mixture of rice, lentils, and macaroni) to be the national dish

Religions in Egypt ReligionsPercentMuslim  90%Orthodox Christian  9%Other 1%

3 issues in egypt

  • A soaring unemployment rate. ...
  • The crime rate has almost tripled since 2010. ...
  • Fear of sexual violence against women. ...

3 ways they could be solved.

1. They could maybe make more areas for building to open little shops for jobs.

2. Being more strict with people getting out of jail the bonds higher .

3. Women maybe can take self defense classes and have to carry pepper spray around.

Would i visit egypt?

I think i would visit egypt it seems like a very pretty unique area to visit i dont think i would be able to live there due to all the high crime and food cost.

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