Have you ever had a friend that's  name cristina ? well. i do she is the most and the best partner that i ever had .She will is going to teach you how to be nice and kind to others and also to do the right thing’s like to be smart and make the choses and never listen to others . Ok now let’s talk about my partner she love to color and her favorite color is blue and also black and she loves to play outside and have fun with others and not just sit there and do anything . They are also many things to think about cristina she is the most kind,smart,awsome,sweet,nice partner ever and she also makes me laugh to . When i think of cristina i think of her as a joyful and happy girl and so people call’s her Cristina Aguilara and she start’s to laugh and then she makes me laugh too if you are looking for a partner you should pick her she is the best and kind I’ll never forget the time i spend the time with her : )

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