Hi my name is Brandon and I live in Berrien springs.  I have gone to many fun places .I was born on 4/11/05.this is my house bellow


I live in a family of 9 and we all speak spanish and are all creative. We all work together and help each other

My Interests

                                          Are wii, i pad, minecraft ,clash of clans(C.O.C)

Fun Memories

A fun memory was the time that we went to disney world and went on space mountain and the mission space ride.We went to all the parks and went on mount everest ride

My Best Friend

MY best friend is jesse.WE go everywhere together to parties together .pretty much everything

My Pets

I have a dog named Addyson and a bird named Blue and two cats ( J.R. and Zipper)

My Future Goals

my future goals are to become an astronaut. Or to become a D.r. or scientist

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