5 Logos that I like

1. Apple Logo

What I like about the Apple logo is that it is neat, clean and it looks professional. It also has a nice shade mixer of blue and silver.

2. Domino's Pizza Logo

I like how they incorporated the domino numbers on the sides in the logo to represent name of company. I also like the colors they used.

3. Wal-Mart logo

When I see the Wal-Mart logo, I automatically think of shopping for electronics or make-up. I also like the shade of blue they used

4. McDonald's logo

When I see the McDonald's logo I think of food like burgers & french fries and I get hungry.

5. Candy Nails Logo

I like the Candy Nails Logo because I like getting my nails done. I also like the pink mixed with a little black color they used and I like the font, it looks professional, clean, neat and nice. I also like the design on top of the letters.

5 Logos I dislike

1. Starbucks Coffee logo

I don't like the color, the font nor the picture in the middle. I still don't understand the picture. There is no symbol of a coffee.

2. Sprint Logo

I don't like the Sprint logo because I think its too plain and boring, I don't like the font nor the shade of yellow they used. I also don't understand the symbol next to the word Sprint.

3. Acer logo

I don't like the color nor the font of the logo.

4. Youtube logo

I like the colors but not the way its used and the logo its self looks weird. Like how You is normal and Tube is inside a red box. I also don't like the font, its too plain and unprofessional.

5. Yahoo Logo

It looks plain and too ordinary. I also don't like the font and the shade of purple they used.