Creating A Human Centered World

Customer Excellence is a widely misunderstood term. We experience good or bad experiences in so may ways - face to face in store - via an on-line shopping experience - getting into a taxi - getting an engineer to visit our homes - sitting in an airport lounge - being stopped by the Police.

Creating better experiences is about learning - from new behaviour to managing expectation and through understanding all of the many moving parts that make up that experience in the first place.

It's getting more important to understand the dynamics involved. With the advent of all encompassing technology, data and commercial competition, we are all targets for our time, money and attention. There is no business or institution left on Earth that hasn't understood that it needs to both understand and engage meaningfully with its audiences. Especially when it comes to delivering service standards. It's a ridiculous thought that anybody would adopt a different approach.

That's not what's hard.

Understanding this core idea is simple. Having the ability to achieve it within an enterprise and making it a core behaviour within an existing culture is where the rubber hits the black stuff.

An Academy For Human Centricity.

Almost everyone speaks about customers and customer centricity, and sadly they apply it as if the only real outcome is a transaction and yet more profit. Sadly CRM is now predominantly a strategy to ensure that everyone in the target list is there to ensure long term sales and nothing much else.

We understand that that's an extreme view and also recognise that profit has to be there but what we also know is that every one of us humans also likes to be treated with respect and sincerity.

Often it's the sales attendant that suggests we don't buy the thing they are selling - or sends us somewhere else completely - that we form a more long-term bond with.

Imagine A Whole New Currency

We all need money. That's a given. But if you really think about the macro domain of 'transaction' there is far more involved in it if we are to achieve a quality of life for everyone and also the desire for improved business performance.

The process of sharing anything between humans is engagement - whether good or bad - we form a bond that either attracts repels (or is neutral) and that's always based on a emotional transaction and chemistry. This translates into something we either value or we don't.

The outcome of trading value between humans is a relationship of some sort. We all know that within a better relationships we can create more opportunity to grow, learn, add value and build an infinite array of possibility. That's at the heart of what the Academy teaches.

Values are often ignored.

No enterprise will change if it doesn't alter a myriad of things. Processes, systems, organisational design, culture and a whole lot more. But at the core of any of that lies the consciousness of those involved and the way they think. This new standard of thinking drives right through everything the Academy does.

Every course, every lecturer, every partner and every program we deliver is designed to change how people view the world. It shapes how behaviours and policies must shift and fundamentally it provokes how everyone must think with regard to forming more human centred attitudes, capability and solutions within and without the enterprise.

Change The Way We Think

How many times have you heard a leader or manager preach a value but not actually live it themselves. It's easy to state a value against which to live and work but not actually follow it through. We've all heard people speak about openness, transparency, honesty and respect and then be the most arrogant and self obsessed person in the room.

At the academy our vision takes values to a whole new level. We have created a set of values that not only will we live by but that we will validate every partner, course and result by. Only by adopting such a credo will we be properly representing the human centered enterprise.

Our Mission

We aim to build centres of excellence in Human Centricity all over the world. It is twin focused - one focus is to bring quality and superior experience to business, corporations and institutions and the other is to help the disenfranchised and disengaged back to work.

Our business model is designed to work with business and government in each geography we work to help where we can and to give our expertise directly or indirectly via on the ground partners who can use world class experience and techniques to support those who need help to enter work.

Built On Real World Experience

Teaching is vital but practice and real world implementation is what matters and makes the difference. We won't leave the student with simple teaching. Our design principles ensure a long term relationship with the Academy as a community both in physical and technological terms.

A roadmap, an alumni, a social media platform and an attitude that aims to encourage a mentality of giving aims to create a global step change in the reputation and status of human centred leaders and employees the world over.

Framework Two - Shaping The Inspiring Vision