Human Trafficking

According to the International labor organization, about 21 million people are victims of forced labor. This estimates that around 11.4 million women and girls, and 9.5 million for the men and boys.

What is human trafficking?

Although many people believe that slavery has come to an end, Human trafficking is the modern version of slavery, and it occurs every day.

The Victims

The victims of human trafficking can be men, women, adults and even children. Many are lured with false hopes and promises such as a good job, education, and stability. Human trafficking victims have been discovered in all 50 states. Although some are hidden behind closed doors, most of the poor victims are often right in front of our eyes. The victims of human trafficking are able to be divided into three groups, according to the U.S law. These groups are:

1. Children under the age of 18 introduced into commercial sex

2. Adults (age 18 or over) induced into commercial sex through force, fraud, or coercion

3. Children and adults induced to perform labor or services through force, fraud, or coercion

The informationn above is taken from the International Labour organization. ( and the website where the divided groups was found was from the following site:

Where does this happen?

Human trafficking has been identified in all 50 states. Above is a map that shows where this occurs in the countries.


The pictures listed below are all form the International Labour Organization.The Link is: and the topic is Profits and Poverty.

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