Huma Shamim                    

Healthcare Administration Consultant in Tampa, Florida                            

About Huma Shamim                    

Huma Shamim is a business administration consultant specializing in the management and operation of health care organizations. She is known for developing management strategies within multispecialty practices designed to ensure integrity, increase the efficacy of personnel, and enhance patient care. Huma Shamim’s successful oversight of medical practices has led to improvements in organizational structure and technology, in addition to the optimization of revenues.

Ms. Shamim attained an associate of arts in business administration from the Santa Fe College. She is a veteran administrator with several successful tenures at notable facilities throughout Florida such as Marion Heart Associates, Hawthorne Medical and Urgent Care, and Brandon Orthopedic Associates. She went on to establish her own practice consulting firm in 2012. She always stays abreast of changes in the medical field and is a member of the Professional Association of Health Care Office Management.

When not working, Ms. Shamim enjoys traveling, reading, and participating in volunteerism, including counseling and children’s literacy.                            

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