Keynote Reflection

1) The white men teaches us about the role in slavery such as : slaves being used as property. The salves is put too a lot of hard works , and barely anything to eat. The master and overseer can do anything they want to the slaves , no one can stop them from the decision. Master richness foundation come for the slaves. Sometime the master have kids with the slaves female. And although he is the father , a born salves even when the father is a white men meant nothing. Slaves doesn't even know their personal basic information like age and who their parents. Mom and the baby are separated so they have no relationship or connection. The great house farm is the center where all the slaves come and get the food and everything, only the best of the best get to work there. Rich master own many plantation and slaves. Slaves try escaping by , the Underground Railroad . It there only hope of being what they were before they come to slavery.

2) In my opinion Colonel Llyod  and Mr.Gore are the same, no one is better than the other. It is true that Colonel Llyod , didn't whipped or hit his' slaves because he hired people's to do it for him. In the other hand, Mr.Gore hit the slaves and whipped the slaves. However, there many way that show one thing, like love. You can love someone but don't really express it, or really express it. They're both cruel man, they just show it in different ways. Nothing more nothing less. Colonel Llyod used his power while Mr.Gore used physical to punish the slaves. Just different ways of showing one things. They're both the same.

3) Frederick Douglass spend an entire chapter telling about these two man , Mr.Gore and Colonel Llod because Colonel Llyod one of his' master and Mr.Gore is well-known since he work at the great house farm. They're both importance since, they really express what slavesis all about back then. Both have a role in slavery.