Little Village
Hannah Holton
Dec. 11, 2014

about little village

little village has many attractions one is the festival dela this year is there 25th aniversery. there also is sinco de  mayo kids can ride real live ponies theres carnival attractions, food, arts, crafts, and music. most times when weman dance they were huge skirts that fly over there heads when they dance.

for fun sometimes in little village they have mud days were everyone got muddy and played in mud. some days they would take paint balls and through them at each other with all the paint bombs if they stood still they looked like paintings or statues its really cool.

little village also decorates the streets with there own paint its a beautiful site different pieces of art work all around little village. if you walked or derived  through little village you would be thinking omg! look at all these beautiful paintings.

the paintings also might be the reason its a thriving commercial area in Chicago's west side with more than 1000  businesses that offer a vast array of goods and services. its home to the largest Mexican community in the Midwest. little villages commercial area generated nearly $900 million on sales in 2001.

FUN FACT: I'm Hispanic but I'm from portirico.