Hunter Schumaker

Santa Fe Environmental Compliance Training Executive Hunter Schumaker

About Hunter Schumaker

A 2011 graduate of Santa Fe’s Academy for the Technologies and the Classics, Hunter Schumaker completed his degree in marketing and advertising. His focus was on product placement and sales strategies tailored to groups and individuals. Hunter Schumaker currently holds a leadership position with the Schumaker # 1 Corporation, which offers environmental training programs to subcontractors of homeowners associations throughout New Mexico. Instruction programs center on Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) general construction permit requirements in the area of storm water pollution prevention planning (SWPPP).

Mr. Schumaker also serves as construction site inspector with Santa Fe Environmental. In this capacity, he helps ensure that builders maintain compliance with EPA SWPPP regulations at levels ranging from municipal to federal. He completes mandatory reports for each site that include recommendations on current violation repairs and steps to prevent future problems.

Hunter Schumaker has a passion for history and has joined in World War II reenactments. He also enjoys intermediate swing dancing and Humphrey Bogart movies, and has an interest in Japanese manga and anime.

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