wonder character in the spotlight : Auggie :-] :-] :-] made by hunter

Character's tie to theme

August's theme of judging himself impacted him .I know this because in the book he says that people made fun of his face.And in the end of the book he says that at his 5th grade graduation every ones face was beside his and they didn't care if there faces were close to his. Another reason why I say this because in the story August hears Jack talking about him on Halloween with Julian and then August got sad but later in the story Jack tells August that he didn't  mean it. Then him and August become best friends again.

Character Influences

I think  Jack impacted August. I chose Jack because  in the story Jack is so supportive to August and helps him through middle school.I think that August impacts  Olivia(Via) the most.I chose her because in the story she thinks that every one revolves around August and she wants people to revolve around her.Instead she realizes that people need to revolve around August the most instead of her.I think the relationship between August and Olivia is a bit shy with each other .I say that because in the story her and August don't share their feelings wth each other.I think the relationship between  August and Jack is kind of open and they share things together.I say this because in the story they tell each other every thing.

Art representation

The scream made by Edvard Munch.This reminds me of August because in the story he has dreams that reminded him about Eddy the 7th grade  boy who was messing with August and Jack.The way they were messing with him is by calling August an alien and whenAugust talked they said"Oh my gosh,it talks".In his dream he has Eddy and his 7th grade boys and girls were screaming about August face.