My Project Life

By Brianna Prange

Life Situation Card

Marital status: Single

Children: One daughter age 8

Occupation: Compliance Officer

Gross annual salary: $65,000

Miles driven to and from work: 17 miles

Stocks: 10 shares in Target, 75 shares in DOW, 75 shares in Microsoft

Lucky Card: Free gas for a year

Unlucky Card: Broken tooth, must pay $50 a month

Taxes: Federal tax: $1,270, Social Security Tax: $303, Medicare Tax: $63

Net Monthly Income: $3,780

Budget Max and Min

Housing (rent/mortgage): Min: $680.40 Max: $907.02

Utilities: Electric/Power: Min: 113.40 Max:$264.60, Telephone: Min: $37.80 Max: $189.00, Sewer/Water: Min: $37.80 Max: 189.00

Transportation-Fixed: Min: $340.20 Max: $491.40

Transportation-Variable: Min: $151.20 Max: $302.40

Food, Household, and Personal Hygiene: Min: $604.80 Max: $756.00

Health, Life, Medical, and Dental: Min: $37.80 Max: 264.60

Plan Your Future: Min: $37.80 Max: $264.60

Clothing and Accessories: Min: $113.40 Max: $646.60

Home Improvement and Furniture: Min: $302.40 Max: $453.60

Entertainment and Recreation: Min: $75.60 Max: $226.80

Cable TV: Min: $37.80 Max: $113.40

Dining Our: Min: $37.80 Max: 189.00

Charitable Giving: Min: $25 Max: $50

Unlucky Chance Card: Min: $50 Max: $300

Established Expenses

Health and Life Insurance: $30

Medical and Dental: $4

Total Health, Life, Medical, and Dental: $75

Total Plan Your Future: $189

Total Charitable Giving: $37.80 (Susan G. Komen for the Cure)

Total Unlucky Chance Card: $50


Target: 10 Shares, DOW: 75 Shares, Microsoft: 75 Shares

Day 1 Target: $648.80

Day 1 DOW: $2,933

Day 1 Microsoft: $2,667

Day 5 Target: $652

Day 5 DOW: $2,934

Day 5 Microsoft: $ 2,849

home Buyer

Cost of condo: $72,000

Down payment: $7,200

Loan Amount: $64,800

Monthly mortgage payment: $771.01

Utilities: Electric/Power: $161, Sewer/Water: $45, Telephone: $40


Purchase price: $17,145

Down payment: $3,429

Amount financed: 13,716

Monthly payment: $246.28

Monthly interest: $30

Car payment: $276.28

Insurance, registration, and tax: $60

Total fixed Transportation Costs: $336.28

Monthly fuel cost: $0

Monthly maintenance: $20

Total Variable transportation expenses: $20

Home Improvement and Furniture

46.96 inch Vizio TV, Cost: $599.99

2.1 Home Theater Audio, Cost: $179.99

TiVo Roamio, Cost: $199.99

Weekly Menu

Monday Breakfast: Bagel with cream cheese

Monday-Friday Lunch: School lunch, business lunch

Monday Dinner: Spaghetti and garlic bread

Monday Snack: apples and caramel

Tuesday Breakfast: Omelet with sausage and cheese

Tuesday Dinner: Steak and baked potato

Tuesday Snack: Celery and peanut butter

Wednesday Breakfast: Pancakes with syrup and sausage

Wednesday Dinner: Tacos and Spanish rice

Wednesday Snack: crackers and cheese

Thursday Breakfast: Cereal with milk and yogurt

Thursday Dinner: grilled chicken and stuffing

Thursday Snack: grapes

Friday Breakfast: waffles with syrup and grapes

Friday Dinner: Chicken Alfredo and garlic bread

Friday Snack: Strawberries

Saturday Breakfast: Muffins and banana

Saturday Lunch: Grilled cheese with apples and carrots

Saturday Dinner: family dinner out

Sunday: banana bread and clementines

Sunday Lunch: Sandwiches (Turkey, cheese, and lettuce) and strawberries and celery with peanut butter

Grocery List

Food Expenditures

Business lunches: $45

School lunches: $12.50

Dinners out: $18

Total Grocery cost: $164.03

Total meals out cost: $75.50

Total food cost for one week: $240.53

Total Monthly Food, Household, and Personal Hygiene Expense: $962.12

clothing and Accessories

Hooded pea-coat: $60

Fringed girls boots: $29.99

Girl's dress: $37.00

Total clothing cost: $126.99

Entertainment and Recreation

Minnesota Sinfonia, Cost: $0

Lyndale Rose Garden, Cost: $0

Movie Tickets, Cost: $18

Hockey Tickets, Cost: $16

Total Cost: $24

Cable and Dining Out

Total Monthly Cable Expense: $50

Total Dining out expense: $19

Actual Budget