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Since I am an aspiring math teacher who is also minoring in physical education I will be examining useful apps for use in both mathematics and phys ed.

Algebra Touch

What is it: Algebra touch is an app that allows it's users to get interactive with algebra. It allows students to easily drag different terms of an equation from one side of the equation to the other. It also makes the re-arranging of equation much clearer then when solving with paper and pencil. Help is also readily available with this help to assist the user. Topics range from simplifying equations to learning order of operations to factorizing equations and more.

How it can be used: This app allows it's user to create their own questions. As a teacher I would create an assignment and allow the students to work through the assignment and interact with the equations, processes and rules in a more visual method then simply working through the problems with paper and pencil.

Statistics 1

What is it: Statistics 1 is a great app for students beginning to learn statistics. It offers tutorials and lessons. It also allows its user to work through quizzes, create flashcards, reference a glossary, use a calculator with statistic operations, and learn about formulas and symbols in statistics.

How can it be used: This app would be great to use for "flipping the classroom". Teachers can get the students to work through the tutorials for homework and then expand on the concepts these tutorials covered as well as working on more difficult examples.

My Fitness Pal Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker

What is it: The Calorie Counter and Diet Tacker app is a great app for learning about nutrition, tracking what one eats as well as tracking one's physical activity for the day. It contains a database of over 3,000,000 foods. It also can produce a break down of how many calories one consumes and from which macro nutrients these calories are coming from.

How it can be used: This app would be great for a fitness project in a phys ed or health class. The teacher could get the students to keep a log of what they eat as well how much activity the students do through out the day. This could get the students to learn the concept calories in vs calories out as well the importance of having a certain amount of time set aside each day for physical activity.

iMuscle 2

What it is: iMuscle 2 is an app that allows its users to zoom in and examine all the different muscles of the human body. The user can learn about these muscles and the anatomy of the human body. Also, this app gives the user many different exercises to develop these muscles.

How it can be used: This app will be great for phys ed teachers to assists students in going beyond the regular scope of a phys ed class and help them gain an understanding of their muscles, uses, and proper development. Teachers can use this app to introduce a resistant/weight training program

Math Ref

What is it: Math Ref is an app that contains many formulas, symbols, and examples that not only pertain to mathematics but also to physics and chemistry. Math ref also contains information and tools on all types of maths such as unit converters, quadratic solvers and triangle solvers. It also allows sharing through many mediums such as twitter and email so students can collaborate anytime.

How it can be used: Math Ref can be used by a teacher to supplement the lessons and examples that are given in class. As it contains so many examples the students can gain extra exposure to examples on difficult concepts. As math is a subject that takes a lot of practice these examples will be useful to both the teacher and student.

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