Huron County Press News on AG Mfg $1.2M Award

Congresswoman Candice Miller visits Harbor Beach

Congresswoman Candice Miller stopped in Harbor Beach last week at the AG Manufacturing plant to give comments and tour the facility.

She recently secured $1.2 million in federal funding in the Department of Defense Appropriations, which will allow AG Manufacturing to continue to produce wire harnesses for the U.S. Air Force.

AG Manufacturing's operations span from providing automotive components for DaimlerChrysler ,General Motors and Navistar to supplying the U.S.military with wire technology. The 53,500 sq.ftAG plant has served Huron County for over 20 years.However, just over three years ago, the facility was acquired by the now Chairman and CEO Victor Edozien.

AG Manufacturing processes wire harness assemblies, P.V.C. injection molding, ultrasonic splice welding ,crimp monitoring and unit packaging and drop shipping.

"That first yea r was really tough;the former owner wanted to move it off-shore," said Edozien.

He said Huron County Economic Development Director Carl Osentoski was very instrumental in helping him purchase the facility.

'When Iacquired the facility, we had to do some changes to keep the operation from going off-shore; we have proved you can have a line of business and not move off-shore ," explained Edozien.

He is anticipating approximately $6 million in contract sales for this year.

Edozien said the venture also has given them the opportunity to show the United States Military what the facility can do for them.

Edozien is also proud of the fact that they have mainly local employees. "We have received a training grant and that has really helped us; all our employees are local residents," said Edozien.

Many of the current employees have a history of the business and Edozien took the time to build the management team, creating an effective work force. "Our employees are very dedicated."

"I don't care what technology you purchase , ifs about the people,you have to have a team," said Miller.

"Now Idon't have to be here everyday; Ican be out looking at other ventures," said Edozien.

The facility has reduced their automotive industry exposure by increasing work in the heavy truck lines and the military needs.They are also looking to expand in the recreational vehicle ,busses and further into the military areas.

'We are looking for that low value product, as a niche market for aftermarket sales," said AG Manufacturing General Manager Russ Schneidewind .

He added ,"We would like to venture out further into the heavy truck market,too."

'We have a dedicated work force, we just need to get the contracts here and keep the jobs here,and in the process we have to keep diversifying; we have to do what we can do" said Miller.

She added, ''You (AG Manufacturing) can make a product, keep on budget and make itwork."

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