Email Etiquette Assignment

Fernanda Rodriguez

1*Think twice about sending it or if your email has appropriate things

( you don't want to say some thing you don't mean)

2*once you hit send, anyone that wants to can see or read what you sent

(once you hit send its not yours any more)

3*do not tell people privet info about your self over email

(any one can look at it and steal your identity)

4* always put your name and the subject that you are emailing them about

( so they know who you are and what you are talking about)

5*CUPS cups means to Capitalization, usage, punctuation, and spelling

(it is important to have that so your email looks professional)

6*be short and to the point

(no one likes someone who just rambles on and on )

7*don’t attach files that you don’t need

(then its just taking up room and it is not important)

8*don’t use ALL CAPS

( it looks lie your screaming and no one likes to screamed at)

9*read the email before you send it

( you may have put spelling errors )

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