The Environment

Level: advanced/proficiency

Lesson based on movie clip from - The Eleventh Hour

Simple lead-in to a movie series full of rich ideas and vocabulary.

Three things I've learnt

Watch the movie clip below and listen to the three speakers.

1) Note down three things you've learnt about the environment from this movie clip.

2) Note down any new words or relevent expressions you'd like to use when writing or speaking about the environment.

3) Note down any verb-noun collocations or verb-preposition collocations that you have noticed.

Make a difference

Take up the challenge.

At 1.25 minutes into the movie clip Leonardo DiCaprio issues a challenge asking you how you can make a difference.

Think about your own local environment.

Think about something you already do or something you could do to make  difference to your local environment.

Create your own poster

Respond to Leonardo's challenge by creating a multi-media Tackk poster which expresses your ideas on how you can make a difference.


1) Give your poster a title

2) Add a relevent image

3) Add a small description where you will describe:

a) An environmental problem.
b) Your idea for doing something about the problem
c) Your idea for inspiring those in your community to join you.

4)  You can also find and embed a relevent video or else create your own two-minute video clip using Animoto. Your two-minute video will depict your problem and problem-solving solving idea.

Three things to include:

1) The problem - image & text

2) The solution - image and text

3) How to inspire - image and text

Follow-up one

Students comment on posters

Have students comment on each others posters.

They should

a) Give opinions on the topic.

b) Agree/disagree with solutions offered.

c) Offer alternative solutions.

Follow-up two

Students create  a quiz

Each student/pair/group

1) Chooses another video clip from the eleventh Hour series.

2) Uses the TedED website to create a quiz for fellow students.

3) Students do each others quizzes.

Follow-up Three

Create proficiency interview tasks using Tacck posters

Based on this topic and what students have already learnt, set up mock interviews using the Tacck environment for uploading images and typing typical interview questions.

In future students can create their own mock interviews and interview each other.

Recommended Virtual Library.

To keep student projects in one place, store them all on:

1) A class library of project links created on a Tackk poster - great for more feedback , commenting or revision projects in future.

The Eleventh Hour you Tube Collection

1) The 11th hour trailer

(Excellent vocabulary & collocations)

2) Borrow from the world

Financial aspects of the environmental crisis

3) Time capsule

Human potential

4) Messages for future generations

Sobering thoughts yet not without hope

Press conference with Leonardo Di Caprio

Personal stories & expressing feelings about the environment

The bigger picture

Students can bring their own coursebooks to life and explore vocabulary and grammar through following up on pertinent exam topics, such as the environment, through multi-media channels.

With a few basic macro-tools, such as TacKK,  and basic skill-sets they can become multi-media citizen journalists and autonomous linguists of the 21st century kind.