- The Magic Mushroom-

Among the time-honoured Chinese wonder herbs that have passed the test of time is ganoderma lucidum or reishi or lingzhi. It is a large, bitter medicinal mushroom with shining exterior. It grows in the dark and dense mountainous woods of high humidity in the tropical and temperate regions of the world. It grows on decaying wood. It may take nearly 1 year to reach maturity. Its incredible curative properties have won it the titles of ‘supernatural mushroom’, ‘magic mushroom’ and ‘plant of longevity or immortality ’.

More than 2000 tthousand years of regular use in China and Japan and the modern clinical trial research studies have shown that it is a cure-all kind of herb, a virtual elixir of life which though can not make man deathless and ageless, can save him from many living deaths such as AIDS, cancer and other fatal diseases which make man’s life a nightmare worse than death. The most important thing is that it is safe to use it for a long time. It has no side effects, if not overdosed.

Instead of side-effects it brings extra benefits. It can stay with man through out his hectic life in the modern world, saving him from fatigue by restoring his energy and stamina. It is due to its restorative properties that it is being used to make coffee also—a coffee which brings you health. Though this herb was discovered thousands of years ago, it was not available for common man.

In the past, it was among the rarest herbs. In addition, in the woods, the mushroom could not preserve its nutrients from the surrounding environment and from the winds for a long time.

The winds scattered its spores which were collected randomly along with foreign matter. Therefore, the Chinese herbalists had to trawl through lands to get the right mature wild ganoderma with full nutrients for the Chinese emperors and royal officials. But now, after years of rigorous research work on its cultured cultivation, it’s being grown indoors where high humidity and darkness are created for its better growth on a very large scale to meet its high pharmaceutical demand in the international medicine market. Special nets are used to cover the ganoderma cultivation area. In this way, its spores are protected from being scattered by winds. Now, it is within the easy access of common man at the health food stores and a few clicks away on internet. It is being produced not only in its native East Asian countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Malaysia but also in the USA.

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