The Irish farm

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2 years ago

The Irish farm
During our travel in Ireland, we did a lot of things, here is a story of the travel and the 3rd day.
The first day, we traveled all the day to arrive at the boat in the evening. We slept on the boat and arrived in Ireland the second day at midday. The 3rd day, we went to the farm. The man who took care of the farm taught us to do some bread and dance. He showed his animals: He had sheeps, pigs, horses, dogs and cows. Some children tried to milk the cow called Daisy and then we took his car to go in the mud. He explained that people used mud to heat them and two children put off their shoes to go in the mud. It was funny but after they had their shoes in their hand and they can't get them. Finally, we said goodbye to the man and we return in our family.