Raffle Castle Makes History!

My name is Jack and on January 6, 2017 the first business, Raffle Castle goes live! We had worked on the business for about two weeks before going live with loan applications needed to be filled out, spreadsheets to be made, and more. The owners of this business Thomas, Hayden, and I are so excited the minute we go live.  In our math class we are trying to learn about how micro finance works, simulate the whole process of how Kiva works, and in the end we will lend through Kiva with our profit at kiva.org. We now just have to wait for our loan to be fulfilled by our teachers and staff at Town School for Boys and hopefully we can get funded in the thirty days we have. We could see great things in our future ahead!

Communication and Collaboration! I chose communication and collaboration because I feel that the last three 3 1/2 weeks has involved a lot of this. Some examples are, communicating and collaborating when to come to Extra Help or when we are going to purchase our product. Communicating to remind people to bring their School ID'S to school or to communicate when to update our spreadsheet. Communicating and collaborating is a powerful skill and is very important to have. I think this is a good way to practice this skill. Without utilizing this skill I don't think we would be where we are, funded and have ordered our product. Overall I think we have done a great job with this skill!

I think openness to new ideas and ways of thinking has been a huge factor in the first months, because I think that this is why our group is where we are. I myself definitely had to let in new ideas that maybe I didn't agree with. I am sure that is the same case for my other group members. I, and all of my group members have let in new ideas and have worked with them or have changed them up. I remember there was one time when Hayden, Thomas, and I couldn't decide if we should make a loan. I wanted to make a loan but I think I did a good job in taking in Thomas's thinking why we shouldn't. We, in the end have not yet make a loan and I don't regret it! Without openness to new ideas I do not think our group would be as successful as it is.

Some things that I am proud of is that we have made spreadsheets that work, written a business plan, filled out an application, had three successful sales, and more! An accomplishment that we have made is that we have made $113 over our loan and I think that's pretty good for our age (11 and 12 years old). In order to accomplish this we have had to have lots of commitment put into this business. Our effort is extraordinary because we have showed that we really do care about this business, like if something goes wrong in a spreadsheet we are all jumping on it to fix it. Next we are going to try and do lots more sales and make a loan on kiva.org!

Being a borrower makes you think about how thankful you are. I am so thankful for all of the teachers and faculty that have lent to The Raffle Castle. It makes me feel very thankful and grateful. But at the same time it feels so intense being a borrower, like when we have to pay back were trying to keep track of who we have paid back and who we haven't. Writing letters to all of the people that lent to us, keeping track. Even though I think we are being very organized it still just feels chaotic.

When The Raffle Castle has to make a decision it feels challenging at times because one wrong thing could go a long way. For example, today we were debating over how many flyers we should print. A color copy cost $0.49 and we wanted to get the exact amount we needed. $0.49 isn't a lot I think, but $0.49 cents could be crucial! Going from printing out 5 flyers and making a wrong decision and buying 6 could make a huge difference!

A quote that I chose to explain our Kiva project is, "Sometimes happiness is a feeling. Sometimes it's a decision" YourTango. I chose this because I feel that this whole project has been about big decisions, which is what a company has to do, make decisions. What I'm trying to say is that each decision my group makes somehow, makes me more happier. Like, when we decided to make a loan, it felt really good to lend to someone across the world! It made me feel really happy!

Problem Solving is something that resonates with me at the moment, because I feel like lately our class has run in to a couple problems. For example, our class wanted to buy enough Fidget Spinners so everyone who wanted one is our school could have one. But we didn't have enough money. To solve this huge problem we asked the other class in our grade to buy some of the business so we could buy enough Fidget Spinners.

This is my group with Thomas in the middle, Hayden on the right, and me on the left!