Rise of Dictatorship

Early Life- Joseph Stalin

-Born in Georgia (country) to poor parents

-Received harsh beatings from father

-Studied Russian Orthodox Christianity

-Attached to socialist movement; linked with Lenin and the Bolshevik party

Russia's Conditions Before Stalin

(1927) Russian Revolution. The working class overthrew the government. Lenin was in power. Stalin was able to appoint people to government positions that supported him. Russia's economy was majorly declining because the working class had been killed in war, or left in search of food. When Lenin died, Stalin took power and executed anyone who opposed him.

Russia Under Stalin's Rule

Stalin collectivized farms. This increased agricultural output but shut down many small farms and led to famine. Stalin saw that the Soviet Union was industrially behind the other countries, so he increased large industries and factories. The KGB was also promoted along with secret spying and police force. Stalin worked on building up a strong military.

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