Lonely, Unintelligent, Loyal

All I wanted was:

A friend to talk to


A pet of my own

to do the right thing

to take care of rabbits

But I didn't want :

to fight

to do bad things

to be alone


to die

Motivated by:

*His and George's Dream to one day own their own farm, so he can tend the rabbits

*His love for animals

Character Development

Lennie's life when he was little: Lennie was raised by his aunt, and George promised to take care of him when she died. George and Lennie became best friends. They both dressed the same and wore, denim trousers and denim coats, with brass buttons.

Character Interactions:

*George takes care of Lennie, and protects Lennie.  George understands Lennie and what motivates him, as well as what he needs to watch out for with Lennie.  The kindness George shows to Lennie tells the reader about George's unconditional love for Lennie.

*Curley was always mean to Lennie. Curley was little and he hated big guys, and Lennie was big.  Curley picked on Lennie and eventually set out to kill Lennie.  Curley's interaction with Lennie showed the reader that sometimes, when people don't take the time to get to know or understand the differences in someone, they fear them or are mean to them.

*Curley's wife was lonely and neglected and wanted someone to talk to, so she forced Lennie to talk to her, listen to her, and spend time with her.  Because Lennie has very simple thoughts, he didn't understand Curley's wife motivations and just wanted to talk about his dream of the farm and rabbits.  In the end, Lennie kills Curley's wife because he scared her. He only was trying to keep her quiet so he wouldn't get in trouble, but he didn't know his own strength.  This interaction showed the sadness and neglect of both women and people that were different from the others.

Character's Impact on the Plot

Lennie greatly affects the plot of the story, because the story is all about human nature, kindness and acceptance of human beings. Lennie is portrayed showing unconditional love and kindness to animals, to the black man in the story, to Candy, to Curley's wife, and of course in his friendship with George. It is evident in the story that Lennie's kindness affects the other characters. Candy wanted to be part of George and Lennie's dream. Slim even stuck up for Lennie a couple of times. Then, of course, George made the ultimate sacrifice when he shot Lennie to protect him from being brutally tortured and killed.

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