Sea Turtle Nest

Donald Cashwell

Below as you can see is a pin with less protection, this is because its summer, therefor it is not hatching season.

First I went to Lowes and bought the stuff i need for this project
I drilled 2x4 onto the ply wood to keep the sand inside my nest
Next I glued all the cracks and crevasse to ensure that no sand will escape
Add 2x2 to the four corners and then i put the sand inside of the nest
Then i took some sea shells from the beach and mixed it in with the sand
Next i added 2 preborn turtles as well as a momma turtle.
The i burried some easter eggs in the sand to resemble a turtle egg
Next i got creative and use a grill grate as the wire that protects the eggs
and then I added the safety tape warning people to stay away from it.
And Finally this is my final product, my sea turtle nest.

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