Summer 2014

Let's go to the beach, each
Let's go get away.

The Sunset

We were in Sarasota, Florida the whole month of August.

Nothing like night swimming

I had a great time in Florida.
Orphanage in Chile

Valparaiso, Chile

What I did this summer

You want to know about my summer, right? Well, I will tell you anyway. The whole month of June was just a "pool/work" kind of thing. There was not a whole lot going on. I finished up school early so that was a plus. I work as an assistant teacher at a preschool, so I work there four days a week now and is open during the summer. Then July hit, I went straight off to Chile for two weeks. I had no family or friends with me so I had a very hard night living with people I did not know. I went to volunteer at an orphanage in a city named Valparaiso, which is located right on the west, near the Pacific Ocean. I want to tell you one thing, going there completely changed my life, for the better. I had no idea what I was to expect, only knowing that it was a poor area. 90 percent of Chile is a poor area. The little girl in the picture is only 10 weeks old and she has been through more than anything we have gone through in the past 5 years of our lives. She has been placed in and out of orphanages, kinders, and homes more than I can count. Her "mother" is into drugs and prostitution. Her father is no where to be found. She was abandoned. She gets taken care of by her neighbors. They take turns watching her, feeding her, and bathing her. Want to know the sad part, if that's not already heartbreaking enough? This is normal...down in the one area I was visiting in Chile. One child was beat and shaken so bad, that he now has brain and spinal damage. He is 18 months old and he can not walk, crawl, and barely sit up on his own. He can not talk. He can barely move his whole left side. But I can tell you one thing, these children had the biggest smile of their faces when I played with them. It was a blessing to see them happy and not scared. One little girl gets yelled at so much, that she doesn't speak because she is terrified. All these children need is love. The government of Chile is slowly taking them out of their homes and into orphanages were they can be better taken care of. First they try and find family or friends who would be willing to care of them until there is an adopting family wanting to take them. I was so grateful for the opportunity and would do it over and over again. God bless these children and please pray for them.

My next adventure was in Florida. We drove down there from Exton, Pennsylvania and it took us 21 hours. I have four younger siblings so someone always had to pee or was hungry or tired or anything else you could name. I had a great time though. Once the car ride was over, I was like "that wasn't so bad". Out of the 30 days we were in Florida, 29 days we went to the beach. We did not just go for an hour or two, we stayed from about 12:30pm to about 5:00pm. It was great. Not only did I tan, I found many and many of amazing shells you can not find anywhere else. If you did not already know this, Sarasota, Florida is on the West of Florida, so it lays on the Gulf. The water is always clear and blue. Not as blue as the Bahamas, but pretty darn close. We saw stingrays jump out of the water and we saw tons and tons of dolphins. We also got to swim with the manatees. The picture below is a manatee sticking its head out for a quick breath of air. The only problem is, is that you can NOT touch them, or you will get fined $1000 dollars because they are endangered. So that was my summer and I was happy to share it with you! I hope everyone had an amazing summer as well!


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