Having Hurst Development Task: Teens Preparing for Marriage

This link will provide information on the ways of forming a marriage and how to keep a marriage for a very long time. It is important for teens to know what they should expect in a marriage or a relationship. This is almost as important as needing to know what you wan to do for a job or how they will handle daily life on their own or with another.

This isn't always how it is, but this is how it should always be. Marriage is a holy promise that is not to be broken unless it is necessary

Marriage is a promise!

Marriage is a promise that should be kept unless something comes up that can't be solved. It happens when two people who love each other very much and wish to express this by coming together in a next big step in  relationship. However, not everyone knows how to keep a remise and some people don't know what they should expect or what they are getting into. Teens around the world should be educated on this topic before they go leaping into expecting to find something. If they are educated beforehand, then there should be no problem. However, marrying before being sure that you wish to be with that person for the rest of your life, won't really be beneficial to a wished long lasting and healthy marriage.

These items secure the bond that is made on a couple's wedding day

I only hope that this promise is upheld unless means of breaking this promise is broken. no one should have the tragedy of divorce strike their family.

As sweet as the cake is, it only lasts for a day and will only happen once for you dependent on if you have a good relationship.

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