WACs,WAVES, & Rosie the Riveter

Aaliyah Treece, 1st Period


1. She loved khaki

2. Rosie didn't want a man who wore a uniform, she wanted to wear one herself.

3. Rosie could do any job a man could do.

4.in July of 1943 FDR had signed a bill changing the name of the WAAC to Women’s Army Corp (WAC)

5. Canada Dry was supporting the women in 1944

6.the WAVES are women from the navy

7. The WAVES stand for Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service

8. There were over 8,000 female officers.

9. More than 10x women enlisted in the WAVES.

10. WAC stands for women's army corps

11. Over 150,000 Americans served in the WACs during WWII

12. The WAVEs had their own song.

13. Rosie helped many women get their rights.

14. Women weren't payed equally to men.

15. Women weren't in the war fighting much.

16. the first WAAC contingent arrived in Algeria, North Africa.

17. By mid-1943, 27,000 American women served in the WAVES program.

18. on 7 Jul 1948, six women were sworn into the regular Navy

19. Establishing the WAVES was a lengthy effort

20. In some places WAVES constituted a majority of the uniformed Naval personnel.

21. By 1945 there were more than 100,000 WACs

22. By 1945 there were 6,000 female officers in the WAC

23. Rosie was still working by the age of 93

24. Rosie died from kidney failure may 1st 1997

25. Rosie didn't have a husband.