What Is Weather?

What is Wind?
Wind is air in motion. It is produced by the uneven heating of the Earth's  surface by the sun.

What causes Wind?

When the sun gets warm the Earth's surface and atmosphere also gets warm.

                          What is the Jet stream?

     A Jet Stream is a kind of air stream in the air. Jet streams go 200 mile per hour. They are 5-7 miles up.  

                       What Global Wind Patterns?

When air is heated it rises up and it leaves the cold air behind.

                      What are Prevailing Westerlies?  

Prevailing Westerlies are in the middle of thirty and sixty degrees latitude. The wind that moves towards pole the appear to curve from west to east.                 

                     What is a sea breeze?

On a hot summer day by the coast, this different heating of land and sea. It leads to a development of local winds call sea breezes.

                       What is a land breeze?

Land breezes occurs at night when land cools faster than the sea.   

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