Can an orange survive in space?

by Nick Gromer

Can an Orange survive in space?(I mean contain its juices well) well it all depends how tough the oranges skin is and how small or big the orange is. The orange has juices, question is do those juices dry up or just sit there. This guy by the name of Michael or as his Youtubers know him, Vsauce. He made a very good video on a human surviving (Trying to survive) in space and don't worry he made it simulated.                                      

The orange in my theory would do almost exactly the same thing yet on a much smaller scale. The orange is very well contained meaning it contains its juices very well and its skin is not pierced easily. The oranges skin is like a humans. Therefore in my theory it would bloat up like the guy in this video.

My answer in conclusion is that the orange would not be able to survive and would perish.

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