Save the Country’s Future by Protecting Child Rights

Youth is counted as the major work force of the country. Any nation is made or broken with its power and capabilities. It is a skilled force which shapes up the economy of any country. It is the driving force behind various industries and vocations. Without the youth, a country is like a tree without leaves. It does stand tall, but it is unable to grow, expand and survive.

This strong workforce is a direct product of nation’s children. Today’s children are known to become responsible adults of tomorrow, and will become a part of the rich and powerful youth force. However, many children fail to reach adulthood and are found succumbing in childhood itself. This is because, many developing countries like India, Africa and many more, do not have adequate facilities to protect children.

Developing countries like India are known to formulate Charter of children rights. They have been known to implement several laws and regulations, which are in favor to protect the basic needs of children. Still, millions of children in these countries continue to suffer. This is because, the awareness about children rights is limited, and many people are unaware about different Government schemes and facilities created especially for children.

To begin with, Government has imposed strict rules and regulations to fight Child labour. In India, any person employing a child below the age of 14 is penalized. Furthermore, legal actions are taken against him and he may have to face jury. Similarly, United Nations sanctioned a convention of Rights of Children in the year 1992. This convention stated that every child is bestowed with certain fundamental rights, which cannot be taken away from them.

The most important of all rights it the Right to Survival. Several children die within few hours after taking birth. Similarly, the practice of female infanticide is loud and prominent in many rural areas of India. Government and many NGOs have taken actions to fight such social crimes. Moreover, they have made medical facilities available in remote areas for the benefit of new born.

In order to encourage growth and development of children, the convention has sanctioned right to education. Following this, the Indian Government has made education free and compulsory to children up to the age of 14. Similarly, many NGOs are carrying out educational camps in various rural areas and are making children literate. Different charitable bodies are holding cultural camps and functions for making children aware of country’s rich heritage.

To protect children from abuse and exploitation, the convention has passed Right to Protection. On the same lines, the Government of India has passed strict laws that punish individuals who commit crime against children. All kind of child exploitation and abuse is condemned by law.

Lastly, the convention has passed the right to express, which gives every child free will to express his thoughts and ideas. Government is taking all the efforts to protect child rights and boost the development of children. You can also be a part of Government plans and lend a hand in the development of the country.

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