Geometry All Around Us

By: Elizabeth Forget

List three sets of congruent angles that could prove lines A and B congruent.

What type of angle do these lines make?

What type of angle are the two congruent angles if the lines FE and OK are parallel?

Can you prove these triangles congruent? If so, what postulate would you use?

Are these lines Parallel, Perpendicular, or Skew?

If a horse has spots, it is an appaloosa. Give the inverse of the statement.

What are the the measures of angles 1 and 2?

What is the measure of angle X?

Is the highlighted triangle possible?

Out of the three highlighted triangles, which two are congruent?

Answer Key!

1. Angles 4 and 6, 2 and 7, and 1 and 8.

2. Vertical Angles

3. Corresponding Angles

4. Yes, SAS

5. Perpendicular

6. If it is an appaloosa, then it is a horse with spots.

7. m of angle 1= 35 m of angle 2= 145

8. 45

9. No

10. A and C

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