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My name is brenda barron i am from victoria city my adrees is

fracc. villarreal 87027 victoria city, tamaulipas i am

years old i studied in itace and currently i study

administration in the university. in the evenings i do the

homework or just hang out with my friends, i am interested in

learning to speak english because it is easy to get a job and i can

also go to visit my family my mother´s name is herlinda chavez she has a beauty salon and my dad tito barron works in mexico city i

and one sister, my brothers are older than me they currently live in the united states. my sister visit them only on holidays.

i have a niece. she is four years old, she speaks english and

sings songs by phone. every week i get out of town to go to see

my mom and my dad. i talk with my mom and dad everyday my


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