by Second Grade

Here's what we learned about recyling:

thae mika toys out of botlas.

(they make toys out of bottles)

they recycle stuff to make more things.

you now that you can make plasicbotles into close

they recycling plastic botls in to toy.


(they turn lightbulbs into tables)

they recycle light bulbs

recyclinrg they recyclinrgiigh t bulbs tablesg

they make plasticbotles intoclose.

dau mack toys ot of piasdic

i lorn abath how can you make closes out of bodurs.

i learned not to put bags in recgciihg

so how do they make shous lase.

they make toys with plastic.

They smash plastic bull so they ro easier care

i like how they modi miaruyop.

(I like how they made sweaters)