Come to the jurassic period

What earth is like at this time period

The Pangaea was happening at this point in time. There was so much water it gave it a humid and hot climate.

What weather conditions should you expect

It should be very warm and moist when you arrive at this period of time.

what plant and animal life exist here

Some examples of the animals here are dinosaurs, birds, sea monsters, sharks, and other rodents. Some of the plants here are ferns, cycads, and conifers.

what are the atmosphere conditions

The atmospheric conditions here are ten times higher than they are present day.

Facts about this time period

There are many different animals here. Animals you have never seen before. Some of these animals may include dinosaurs, different kinds of sea monsters, and different kinds of birds. At the end of this period a lot of things have become extinct. Some things that have gone away forever are dinosaurs and different sea monsters and different kinds of birds. Scientist today now know about these kinds of animals today by finding the fossils of these animals.

things you may need

Somethings you will want to bring to this time period include: sneakers/hiking boots, tank tops, short sleeved shirts, shorts, swim suit, light jacket, and whatever else you would like to bring.

where you will be staying

Inside the houses


You will be staying in a home in a mountain. There will be a pool for everyone to swim in. Free breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There will also be a spa and hiking available too.  


Something's you will want to watch out for are the dinosaur's and the sea monsters. DO NOT try and feed any of these animals. Make sure to keep away from all of these animals. Stay with someone at all times and don't go off wandering around by yourself.

Have you ever wondered what its like to walk with dinosaurs? Well here's your opportunity!


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