Southeast Asia Dynasties

The Southeast Asia Dynasties start with the Pagan Kingdom. The Pagan Kingdom made many Buddhist temples. They also united a lot of regions near them and helped build a country that is still around today. They had the wealthy donated tax-free land to religious authorities, but this caused a it to decline because rulers lost power.  Eventually the surrounding kingdoms took down the weakened Kingdom.

After the Pagan Kingdom came the Khmer Empire. The Empire began in 802 A.D. king Jayavarman II had himself declared King of the World. They constantly extended their land and for the first three leaders each on surpassed the older ones. They had rice farms and were heavy on agriculture because most of the kingdoms people were farmers. They had a lot of canals. They main religion is Hinduism with Buddhism after. They built many temples for praying. They started to decline in in 1327 A.D.

The Trading Kingdoms were a few nations that were all about trading(duh). Most of the focused on agriculture and stock for livelihood. The Kingdom of Sailendra was full of major Buddhist and they made many temples. There was also the Srivijaya Kingdom which was rich because of its control over sea trade. They adopted both Hindu and Buddhism for religions. They were attacked and though they weren't defeated they were very weakened. They were eventually taken over by a muslim kingdom.

Vietnam was different from the rest of the southeast dynasties. They modeled themselves off of China instead of India. The northern part of Vietnam was under control of the Han dynasty for a long time. Even though they took after China in many ways, they still believed in nature spirits. In hopes of regaining their independence, the Vietnamese sometimes rebelled when Chinese rule grew weak. One time two sisters named Trung Trac and Trung Nhi raised an army and briefly drove the Chinese from Vietnam. The Chinese quickly took it back and the sisters drowned themselves (little overreactive). During the Chinese Tang Dynasty they tried to rebel again and succeeded.  The mongols tried to invade but they were able to defend themselves.