Union Soldier

My name is Alex Morgan and  I am 25 years old as of now 1861, but obviously through now until 1865 my age will change. I am on the Union side fighting for the North and I currently live in North Carolina with my husband who is stationed in New York

Day 1

Today is my 1st day as a union soldier fighting for the North. In the morning there are several things that we have to do in order to be prepared for our later duties as soldiers. In the morning for breakfast we have to eat not too much and not too little, we have to be ready to fight, but we can't be overly stuffed. Along with the breakfast we have to get our uniforms on, this isn't aloud to be done in over 5 minutes, we have a lot of duties to attend to later. Eating and looking prepared for war aren't just the only things that come with the it, making your bed and cleaning up after your self is also something that needs to be done. Once we have all 4 of our morning duties done, then we have to report for duty for the long afternoon ahead. There is a list of things we need to do, but I will just say a few. Training camp is very important for us, also known as boot camp. If we didn't know how to fight then we couldn't go to battle. Then we have to make sure we have all of our weapons together, not only that, but that they are sanitary, also the powder needed to fire most weapons is needed greatly, so we have to gather it and put it somewhere that we can reach it easily. If the war goes badly for us well, people need to know what to do with our belongings, so we have to fill out a will and a bunch of other war medical documents. After this long day of preparing, the war finally happens, I took out several soldiers and along with that I earned several weapons for our side. It was a long day and the war was a success.

Day 2
Dear Servando,

Today was a long day for me. I miss you and I hope your doing okay in the war. I have recently been informed that you were in the battle of Bull Run. I heard it was a great defeat and I hope you are doing well. Please take care of yourself I married you to continue to live the rest of our lives together and I can't do that if your no longer living, and I will do the same.


Day 3

Today has been another long day preparing for war. Cleaning our dirty clothes in the river and fishing for food can be very tiring, but if we want to look good and be fed well for war we need to keep up with those daily activities along with all of the training. Getting ourselves a nice clean bath is a good way to stay sanitary and not to mention the guys shaving and we all need a good tooth brushing. Writing letters to loved ones who also may be stationed for war somewhere else is a good way to keep them informed of things and also a good way for you to have contact with your family while your away. When war came that day, I felt good  I've done everything we were told to do as soldiers so far and it was good. War was good also, we captured several men from the confederates that could give us information on what we need. I also helped a soldier see to medical care before he died, not to mention how difficult it was to not get shot. I learned to ride on horses so therefore a confederates horse wasn't being used so I stole it, this could be a great advantage to us.

Day 4

Dear Alex,

I miss you greatly, I hope you are doing well. I am in New York and we are doing well for the most part. I have had a few injuries, but to my luck they weren't major. I should be back soon and I hope you are too. The battle that caused some of the little injuries was the Battle of Antietam, I will be okay and I hope to see you soon.


This letter made me cry and my family is torn that we have been apart for so very long. I miss him and so does my family. The Battle of Antietam was a rough battle that I am glad he survived.

Day 5

Today in this writing I am going to explain some things along the lines of President Lincoln himself.  Well for starters, the Emancipation Proclamation that Lincoln issued, which is where he said that all slaves in the rebellious states are now free. Lincoln thought this document was the best  thing he had issued.
             As I said Lincoln believed it was the best thing he had issued. Even when he said this, he still thought that congress was the only one that would pass such a thing regarding slavery. After all of this though, Lincoln got the pleasure before his death to see the proclamation go through.
During Lincoln's election I don't think people thought that he was going to make such a drastic change in our world, but he did.  I also believe that Lincoln knew, as far as presidency goes, what he wanted to do coming into the election for president. He wanted to become president to make the world a better place even though he wasn't for or against slavery.

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