Tackk Project -
3rd/5th Grade Buddies

What Is Tackk?


In this section you will write about what your summer school experience has been like in your homeroom.  Think about these questions to help you come up with ideas:

- What topics have you been learning about?

-What projects have you done/will you do?

-What has been fun?

-Has anything been hard?  If so, what's hard?

Elective #1

You will choose your 3 favorite electives (or more, if you have more favorites) and explain what you did in the elective and why it was fun.  Don't name it "Elective #1", name it the name of the class.  For example..Super Summer Science or Spectactular Sports.

Be sure to explain the types of activities you did and why you thought it was fun.

Elective #2

Same as elective #1

Elective #3

Same as above.