Driver or Firefighter

Reports To

Firefighters and fire engine drivers report to the Battalion Chief of the fire crew.

Job Purpose

The main purpose of being a firefighter is to help people and stop fires from destroying building and hurting people. Firefighters also can play the part of medic and can respond to many types of medical emergencies until an ambulance arrives.  


The duties and responsibilities of a firefighter are to fight fires, keep houses and other buildings from burning, and keeping people safe. They quickly respond to the scene of a fire or a medical emergency and are trained to help people in both ways.


  • Education: You must have a high school education and must go through training to become a firefighter.
  • Technology Skills: The tech skills firefighters need are knowing how to use things like radios, lights and sirens, water cannons, ladder controls, and gear used to medically help people affected by fire and smoke.
  • Abilities: Abilities needed to be a firefighter are to be able to drive a large vehicle (if you're the engine driver) and to be able to keep calm and work well under pressure.
  • Personal Characteristics: Some personal characteristics needed to be a firefighter are to be a team worker and not think that you don't need help or the world revolves around you, and to work with people no matter how ridicules thier problem might be.