Behind the Scenes...

By: Lily Schwarz

The name of the scrapbook is called ‘Behind the Scenes…’ I chose this title because to some it may seem easy to pull together a yearbook, but actually it is really stressful and crazy. But our staff this year was pretty efficient and our editors were amazing. This was my first year doing yearbook and before this year, I had thought that yearbook would be a breeze but, it was super hardcore. My contribution to the staff was being a photographer/ photo editor. I had a background in photography from before I started high school, actually starting in sixth grade. I was a part of a team called Apple Core and we were the technology superiors of the school. So bringing back the techniques and remembering how to do it was a little hard, but getting back in the groove brought back great memories.

Although there were a few troubles over the year, such as losing members and pages, but we managed to pull through. It was a blessing that we were able to move the submission date's many times. It was a bit stressful towards the end because we had quite a few pages that still needed to be done and so little time to get them done. I think another trouble was collaborating as well because of people being absent, and not being able to tell us what they were working on. So that caused a little bit of trouble along with everything else that was going on.

But we managed to get our yearbook done and it turned out really interesting. With a handmade cover, an easy theme and the talent of the staff it got done and doesn't look rushed (even though it sort of was near the end). I am pretty proud of the work that we did as a group and I think that it looks good. :)


Using the Lifetouch system this year for the yearbook was difficult. Not being able to work on pages at the same time made it a bit hard and it wasn't the best program to use anyway.

Another problem was that some of the pages from our yearbook were lost. Since our editors were so good, we were able to recreate the pages quickly. But it was still something of a setback because there were other things that had to be done.


My biggest partner in making the yearbook was Naomi Roesick. We shared ideas, talent and photos. For semester two we lost our photography editor so Naomi and I stepped up to become co-photography editors. Over the course of the year we got to become friends and it will be sad next year when she goes back to Germany.

Our editors, Kay and Jenna were amazing with everything. Kay was super savvy with the program and did amazing with the layouts of most of the pages. Jenna was great with helping out the general staff with writing articles and checking over everything else.


For me, the hardest part of helping out the yearbook was doing the feature articles. One of my feature articles was on Ben Butler and there was a bit of trouble getting my original version of it published because it included religious items in it. But thanks to the help of some adults I was able to get the original published. Another feature article that I did was the Nicole Bloom article. It was a lot of fun to do because Nicole and I became friends this year so we got to learn a little bit more about each other through the process of making the article. So in finishing the articles, it was a triumph because it took time ,but I was able to meet the deadline for both of them.

Another triumph of mine was getting my pictures in the yearbook. I used to be super into photography, but I haven't done it for a while so it was a little hard to come back. But I think that I was able to learn a lot more about photography than I had known before because I had self-taught rather than being taught by a teacher.

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