Top Ten Computer Safety Rules

By Riley Thompson


Hey guys, this is my top ten internet safety rules. Stay safe!

10. Don't give out any personal info

9. If anybody is bullying you then let your parents know

8. If some one emails you that you don't know tell an adult

7. Don't go on any websites without your parents permission

6. Install anti virus software

5. Don't download any files without permission

4. don't get on social networking sites without permission

3. don't befriend any body on a social networking sites you dont know

2. don't meet anybody in person that you meet online

1. Don't go any where your not allowed

The internet is a fantastic tool used for saving data, playing games, comunicating with others and much more. But the internet is a dangerous place. Always stay allert because viruses and cyber bully's lurk every where. But remember these important rules and you should be OK. Also, don't go any where online without your parents permission. Stay safe and have fun!!