The Greatest Ship Ever
By :Ryleigh

The Costa Concordia is known for one of the biggest ship. It flipped on it's side on Jan 13th 2012. It was the captin's falt that it hit shallow water when they were pulling in.

The Wreck Of The Costa:
When the hit shallow water and then...It flipped on
it side it sat on it's side for 8:00-9:00 a.m.

The Size:
The Costa Concordia was 3 football fields long.It was longer than the TITANIC and weighed
more than the TITANIC.

It weighed:
It weighed more than a elephant and it weighed more than the TITANIC .

All About The Ship:
1,500 cabins;505 with private balconies and 55 with direct access to the Samsara spa and were considered Spa statement;58 suits had private balconies and 12 had direct access to the spa.It launched September 2,2005.There were thirteen bar,including a cigar and cognac bar and a coffee and chocolate bar.A three level theatr,casino,a futuristic disco,and a children's area.A thalassotherapy pool and equipped video game products.

The Costa Concordia passengers on the ship could not get back on the ship so they were stuck in Italy forever or not they could go back were they go were they came from on a air plane.


  1. Equipped means to furnish or provide with whatever is needed for used " To repaired".
  2. Theatre is a noun.
  3. Fututristic means of or pertaining to the future.
  4. Products means a thing produced by labor.

Samsara means buddhism.

Fun Fact:

Ship Costa Concordia upright on Tuesday Pulleys and cables were just some of the items used to pull the cruise ship Costa Concordia upright on Tuesday.

People on Giglio Island watched as the 19-hour operation took place off the coast.

weight: it could hold up to 4,200 people.

Tuesday Pulleys and cables were just some of the items used to pull the cruise.On January 13th, just two hours after luxury cruise liner Costa Concordia left the Italian port of Civitavecchia for Savona, the final destination of its seven-day journey, it struck a rock in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the shore of the Tuscan Archipelago.

To make lifeboat evacuation easier, the captain tried to steer the ship closer towards shallow waters near the Island of Giglio.

  • The Costa Concordia was a hull bunch longer than the Titanic.
  • However, the cruise liner collected water at such a rapid pace that within 2 hours it had tilted 20° to the side, making it impossible for the last fifty passengers and crew to deploy lifeboats. Instead, they had to be airlifted by rescue helicopters.
  • The Costa Concordia sat on it’s side from day to night.
  • However, he soon realized that it was a futile attempt and sounded the dreaded seven short whistles - The universal signal, to abandon ship.
  • Meanwhile, engineers will begin an inspection of the $450 mm USD ship to see the extent of the structural damage. Also inspecting the giant ship, will be salvage companies, who will decide whether it should be repaired or broken apart for its parts and materials.

Air bubbles released from a pipe on the seabed will be used to form a buffer curtain to protect the marine park from noise pollution during the salvage.People on Giglio Island watched as the 19-hour operation took place off the coast.

Costa photo it still pretty sailing.

This is a photo of the inside of the Costa Concordia.

Photo of a bedroom on the Costa Concordia and dining room in the Costa Concordia in the dining room they got to see a show at dinner.

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