Instagram! Bad and Worse

I think Instagram is bad

I think Instagram is bad because...

In many ways, Instagram is changing the way people share photos with each other.   Instagram is growing in popularity among kids and teens. I have may opinions about Instagram, and most of them are negative. I found a very interesting article about a mom's experience with her son, on Instagram and she made some very good points.      This is the link--

In my opinion Instagram is used for bragging. For example- if you just post a pic and say -  " having a great time" that would most likely be interpreted as bragging  unless your followers personally know you and why you would be having a great time but a lot of people have followers that wouldn't really know the back story.

Also it can be used as fishing for compliments by posting a "selfie" and commenting " I look ugly" just to get followers to comment " you look so pretty".

Another bad thing is that some people follow you, or you follow them for fun and don't actually know each other. So when you post pics and " selfies" you are sharing personnel information. I found an article that expresses my emotions towards sharing things with people that you don't know. --

A big problem can also be bullying, because if you post a pic or " selfie"  other users can comment mean things or compare you to other things/people.Or people can make fake accounts and pretend they are you, and act inappropriately, or they can make another account so that people don't now who they are and than post mean comments or pics/"selfies".

Also, because you don't know the surroundings of the pic/"selfie" all you can do is assume what is happening in the pic/"selfie".  For example- in the "selfie" of me below, without any explanation, it could mean anything and people could make fun of it because they think it means something else, and people could make up inappropriate scenarios of the pics/"selfies". For example in the picture of the squirrel below, people could copy the picture and make it inappropriate.

Another bad thing about Instagram is that people sometimes post inappropriate pics/"selfies" like you will see in the following video.                                                    

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3 years ago

You have many thoughtful ideas about the negative impact of Instagram. The article on 'Fake-likes' is very interesting and shows the addictive nature of Instagram. Make sure that all of your photo choices are relevant to your Tackk...not too sure about the squirrel!