What is a Puppy Mill

By Madison P.


Can you imagine living, cooped up in a cage without enough food or water all your life? Could you be able to handle having poor health care or getting abused or being beat? If you were a dog in a puppy mill, you’d be asking yourself, “Why are they hurting me?” or, “when will they feed me again?”

  These dogs are being forced to have puppies and eventually become physically disabled for no good reason. This is unfair to these dogs in puppy mills and nobody’s doing anything about it. But how can we stop puppy mills? They aren’t illegal in any state. There is not law saying we can’t have puppy mills. So how could we stop puppy mills? Dogs are in need of your help. Do something! Try and stop puppy mills. When you say, “somebody should do something about that,” you could be that somebody.

What is a Puppy Mill

Do you ever visit animal shelters? Have you ever seen the sorrowful faces of dogs without homes? Did you know about 85% of those abandoned dogs and puppies came from puppy mills?

  A puppy mill is a place where a dog is forced to live in a cramped, filthy cage almost all its life. While dogs live in puppy mills, they are forced to breed and have puppies until they are physically disabled or unable to have puppies anymore.

  After a puppy is born in a puppy mill, a few short weeks pass and the puppy is torn away from his or her mother. The puppy is crammed into a small, stuffy box and shipped away onto planes, trucks, cars, trains, and trailers with no food or water for a very long time.

Why are Puppy Mills Made

There is only one reason why puppy mills are made and that reason is money. When puppies are shipped away, they are sold at high prices to people who aren’t any better than the people in puppy mills. Lots of people who own puppy mills are in need of money or are broke. Not only do the people in puppy mills don’t care or have the money to pay veterinarians and buy food for their dogs, they wasted their money and now they are getting paid for doing something very wrong; making puppy mills.

What Can we do to Help Stop Puppy Mills

There are easy ways to learn about the many organizations that can help stop puppy mills. You can search on the internet, you can ask your teachers, vets and friends, or, better yet, you can volunteer at an animal shelter that is against puppy mills. Unfortunately, there are many people who buy from puppy mills, make puppy mills, and use puppy mills. But, there are many people against puppy mills too!


It may sound hard now, but you can truly make a difference. You have a voice too. Use it by helping stop innocent dogs and puppies and drive them away from this cruelty.