Algebra Lesson 6/11


We didn't do so great on doing our work the last time ... I'm expecting you to do better this time!  After the great day we had yesterday, I know you can!!  If you do all of your work and follow all directions, you can have some free time at the end of class again and Ms. Ledbetter will show Numb3rs.

When watching the videos, be sure to do the following:

     1.  Take notes.  Not only will I be checking to see that you have taken your notes, but      you will be taking an open note quiz at the very beginning of class tomorrow.            Show me that you did what you were supposed to!!

     2.  Give the video your undivided attention.  Do not listen to music, play games, flip        back to Twitter, etc.  You will miss information!

     3.  Use the video features!  On video, you can pause me, rewind me, and replay me        ... you can't do that even when I am in class!  If I'm going too fast, pause until you          get caught up.  Didn't understand?  Rewind and listen again.

LESSON #1: 5.2 Solving Systems by Substution

Your assignment is Worksheet 3.2.  Please show all your work.

LESSON #2: 5.3 Solving Systems by Elimination (Part 1)

Your assignment is "What Kind of Shoes Does a Frog Wear?".  Please show work to earn credit.

LESSON #3: 5.3 Solving Systems by Elimination (Part 2

Assignment: "Did You Hear About ..."

Ms. Ledbetter will collect all of your work.

I will see you tomorrow ... prove to me that you can get work done even when I'm not there :)