Ferdinand Magellan

The Guy Who Traveled Around the World First

              Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese explorer. Ferdinand Magellan explored or went around the whole world and was able to say that the world is not flat but he didn't make it his crew made it 18 people made it across the world He died sadly by stabbing.Now lets get to some facts. In 1519 march 22 Ferdinand convinced king Charles the 1st to support his voyage to the spice island.1522, September 6 the Victoria reached Sanlucar de Barrameda in Spain with only eighteen survivors. The government of Spain provided 5 ships for the expedition:Magellan commanded TrinidadJuan, de Cartagena commanded the San Antonio, Gaspar de Quesada commanded the Conception, Luis de Mendoza commanded the Victoria, Juan Serrano commanded the Santiago. Ferdinand Magellan led the five Spanish ships and 251 men in what was to become the first voyage around the World. And 1519, 20 September: The fleet under Ferdinand Magellan sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to South America and Rio de Janeiro. Magellan then started to search for a passage to the Pacific Ocean

Now I need you to know some stuff about Magellan what i mean by that is you need to know some facts about him before he would voyage across the world and such.Was born in 1480 died in 1521. His nationality was in Portugal. Ferdinand died of stabbing while in a fight. He Denied the church saying the world isn’t flat. And that Magellan became of service of royalty when his parents died. Here is a bi0graphy of ferdinand https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y94s85-Crew  If you couldn't get a good image of what ferdinand Magellan looked like then here you go 3 pictures.

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