Sergio Spencer


Bachelors in Science Justice Administration - University of Louisville

Masters of Arts in Teaching (K-6) - Spalding University

Pursuing +30 Instructional Technology - Indiana University Southeast

Career Background

Second Grade Teacher at Spring Hill Elementary

Professional Development

Weekly PD's at Spring Hill on the use of better instruction in all subject areas

E-Learning Workshop (MyBigCampus)

Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy is simple. It is to build positive relationships with students and to make learning fun. Out of all the requirements that we teach students, the information that they will retain and take with them, is simply what they did that that was fun, and how we made them feel. If students have no interest in what you are teaching then they are not going to be engaged. So as teachers, we have to make learning fun.

Favorite Tools






How I communicate digitally?



Personal Tidbits

I was an athlete

Ron Clark is a special person. We need more people like this in education. We need more schools like this in education.

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