Elizabeth May     By:Hunter mcewan

Is the leader of the green party of Canada.


Elizabeth May was born in Hlicut connecticu in 1954, her early life consisted of going to school studying and getting good grades. After she graduated elementary school she went on to get her highschool education. She enrolled in miss porter's school of academics, her  passion at that time was to be a lawyer. Soon after she realized she wasn't fit to become a lawyer and wanted to be a Canadian mp instead, she was influenced by her parents to do so. Elizabeth May started her journey of being a canadian by founding lot's of fundraisers to raise money for environmental issues and eventually in 1986, Elizabeth May was recruited by the federal Minister of Environment. Her getting recruited gave her a good foothold of where she is today.

Her personal opinion and feeling towards what she does:

Elizabeth may's idea of a great mp was an mp that cared deeply about environmental issues such as global warming or instinction of certain animals. In her opinion there wasn't enough work and effort being put into the green party so she made it her job to change it. So Eventually she ran for the leader of the green party of Canada and won the majority of votes.

Other information:

Today Elizabeth may is the proud leader of the green party of Canada. With a whopping 1% of the popular votes, And 12,000 registered supporters.

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