Richardson, TX

Whatever you do, its better in Richardson

Richardson is 25 minutes away from Coppell, Tx


Richardson was inhabitted by the Comanche and Caddo tribe. Before the town was named Richardson, its official name was Breckinridge.  The city was named after railroad contractor E.H. Richardson, who built the line from Dallas to Denison.
After the Civil War, the railroad bypassed Breckinridge, and an area to the northwest of Breckinridge became the new center of activity.

In 1908 the Interurban, an electric railway, began service north to Denison, south to Waco, southeast to Corsicana and west to Fort Worth. By the year 1910, residents had seen their first telephone, electric light and gravel street, and had grown in number to about 600.

In 1914, a red brick schoolhouse, presently home to the administrative offices of the Richardson Independent School District was built. Richrdson was founded by Houston and Texas Railway Tracks.

In 1886 a train accident in the community killed 1 man. The train carried sugar. When the sugar car turned over, it spilled sugar on the tracks. Residents took it home in buckets.

On July 1879 Capt. Curwin B. McCellan and 56 other officers and men of the 6th calvary were ambushed by the kiowas and comanches. The indian tribe didnt like the city of Richardson and its people because they thought Richardson was taking over their property. Fort Richardson served as a major standing stance during the Red river War.In 1973 Fort Richardson became a State Historic Park and it opened.

City Attractions

The city of Richardson has many attractions. One of this cities attractions is the Charles W. Eisemann Center. It is conveniently located in the Galatyn Park Urban Center in the heart of Richardson’s business and technology area. It is the Center for Performing Arts and Corporate Presentations. It is an important component
of the cultural and corporate landscapes of the North Texas region.

Another attraction to this city is The North Texas Automotive Museum. It is an open to public place and it has a unique collection of automobiles as well as party and banquet space. Many of the tourist that come say that this museum is "The best display of beautiful vintage cars".

Last but not least, The University of  Texas at Dallas Visual Arts Building. It is home to the visual arts  program and features a main exhibition gallery, mezzanine student gallery, black  & white photography , color photography,  a  painting and drawing studio, a two-dimensional design studio, three-dimensional design and sculpture studio, printmaking  studio, and a media-ready lecture room. It is a great place to visit ans see art.

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