Chapter 1 Project

H. Winders

This project consist of a survey of 22 people. I am trying to find out how far everyone is from school and the difference between the duration compared to a car or bus rider.

Each person was asked a series of questions.

Such As:

What is your transportation to school?

How long does it take you to get to school?

Are you satisfied with your transportation to school?

Central Tendencies:

Range: 70-3=67

Mean: 19.45

Median: 12.5

Mode: 10

Box and Whiskers Plot:

Normal Distribution Chart:


If you travel to school by bus it takes longer to get to school than it does by car.

Average Car Time: 13 Min

Average Bus Time: 38 Min

What would the people in the survey want to change?

  • The bus riders would want shorter bus routes.

What changes could be made to solve this situation?

  • Shorter Bus Routes
  • Shorter Stops (The time it takes people to get on the bus.)
  • More Kids at Each Stop
  • A teleportal! Press the button, think where you wanna go and you're there!

Below is a Graph of the Bus and Car Riders!

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